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Different Place Different Space by Joanne Skourletos

August 30, 2015

On our trip we visited three different parts of India, and it was surprising how very different each part was. To start the trip off, we spent the first week in Hyderabad, located in southern India, in a neighborhood known as Banjara Hils. This area was interesting because it has such a variety of socioeconomic status. On the same street you could see an oversized mansion next to a small shack. In the US we are used to such separation by socioeconomic status, yet in India it appeared that those strict lines of differentiation are not as clear.  Outside of Banjara Hills, where our school was located in Film Nagar, the main roads were covered in posters advertising the newest Bollywood films recently recorded. Yet off the main road and through the small streets, one found a very different way of life. The bustling streets were filled with people, animals, and tiny shops. More noticeably, the foul scent of garbage wafted in the air, as piles of trash laid directly in front of our school.

When visiting Agra, near the Taj Mahal, I assumed it would be in a more urban area, since the Taj was such a major attraction. To my surprise, the areas that surrounded the Taj were much like the areas in Banjara Hills, busy streets filled with people, animals, and tiny shops. A big difference from Banjara Hills though was that Agra was free of unwanted trash on the ground. It surprised me that the Taj Mahal, such an iconic building, could be surrounded by an area very different from the upscale grounds.

Visiting Jaipur was one of the most beautiful places I went to in India. Like the other areas, Jaipur was bustling, however, the overall beauty was evident by the mountainous territory contrasted by bodies of water. When in Jaipur, we visited a fort that was built to overlook the city which gave amazing views of the area.

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